Interview with Kuniyuki Kai (1999)

As a young judo enthusiast, Kuniyuki Kai found that he was regularly defeated by bigger, stronger opponents. This led him to take up karate in order to strengthen his body and confidence. Kai later discovered Yoshinkan aikido which he promptly added to his martial repertoire. Though initially skeptical of the efficacity of aikido’s techniques, this art now forms the central core of his training. Today Kai continues his study of various classcial martial arts in search of a way to realize his dream of integrating these martial systems into his aikido.

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Katas Heian I-V

Los cinco kata básicos de Karate Shotokan, realizados por los maestros Osaka, Imura, Sakata, Kagawa, Ogura, Fukami, Imamura, Yokomichi, Kashiwage, Koike y Mizuno de la JKA.