About Flintstone’s Cave

Who is Flintstone?alex.jpg

Well, I used to say this:

“In my (little) free time, I enjoy reading all kind of literature, going out or to cinema with friends and chatting with them in front of a coffee. Also traveling and knowing other people’s cultures is a big interest of mine. After working for five years as a Project Manager in a small Pulp & Paper company, finally I’m moving back to Information Technologies. So those travels are getting to a stand-by…”

But now, since life cannot be stopped and it continuously flows changing everything, it’s more of a:

“In my very difficult to find free moments I try to enjoy my little family spending my time with my lovely baby son and my wife. Also I try to keep pace on my Budo training, but my job prevents me from doing it as regularly as I used to. I’m again into Information Technologies and that means continuous formation and long working days, but enjoying it.”

What is the cave about?

This blog is mainly about my experiences in Budo, since I’m a modest student of Aikido, Aikijujutsu, Jujutsu and Iaido. I’m sharing here my views on the arts, whether right or wrong, but always looking for the truth in them.

I also write (or wrote) about my travels while working for a small Pulp & Paper engineering company. I’m not the more experienced of the travelers, but ey, I share what I can.

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