Saigo Ha Daito Ryu Videos

Recently I received the videos I ordered from, "Saigo Ha Daito Ryu Aikibujutsu – A to Z". Immediately I opened the package and began eating them. These videos feature Sogawa Kazuoki Soke performing the fundamental technique (kihon waza), variations (henka waza) and counters (kaeshi waza) in a easy to understand format, making it clear how to perform correct technique with slow motion and close-ups that leads to normal pace motion – this is fast.-

Projections (nage waza), drops (otoshi waza), pins (katame waza) and strangulations (shime waza) are shown. At the end, techniques against several oponents (taninzudori) and striking techniques (aikikempo) are also shown in the series.

Valoration: This is a great instructional video series to complement Sogawa‘s books on the art.